I sat down to watch a video during lunch today. It was a video made and sent to me by a friend and was of a reunion that took place among friends over the Christmas holiday.

It was the first time all of us, friends since college days, had been together in ten years. There we were, with all of our spouses and children to boot. We were a house-full.

As I watched this video I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed with joy. I am so thankful for each of these people and their families. I am thankful for the time we spent together and for all the times we spend together. When we come together, it is truly the communion of saints; the presence of God is tangible. And all our singing, laughing and corny jokes are almost sacramental. God's grace is in them. These people know the experience of community. I know community when I am with them and when I see them again on video.

I pastor a church and my leaders and I are always asking the question, "How can we build a truly Christian community?" I don't know the answer to that question, yet. But I do know that whatever it is, it's present when the gang affectionately known as "the boys" gets together. "The boys," of course, no longer applies. Or, rather, it has become a gender-neutral term. All of us, male and female, adult and child, are a part of this community. All of us have experienced it. There is no Greek or Jew, no male or female. Christ is all and is in all.


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