My friend Kenny says I'm due for a post. So here it is.

Last Saturday I was coming back from a meeting in Detroit. It was cold and snowy. I just wanted to get home. On Friday, just as I was leaving town for the meeting, I bought a pair of cool, but inexpensive sunglasses. I noticed, half way to Toledo, a scratch on the lens, right in my line of vision.

So now it's Saturday afternoon and I'm wearing these sunglasses on I90 and becoming more and more frustrated with this scratch. This is complicated by the fact that I hate to return things or complain in any way. I'm just not that confrontational a person and will usually opt for living with something rather than changing or exchanging it. I'm not proud of this, but it's important for the story.

About one hour outside of Cleveland I make the decision that I will swing by the drugstore and exchange the glasses on the way home. It will just take a minute, I tell myself. I also call my house to see how everyone is doing and to let them know I'll be home soon. When I do, I find out that my wife and daughter are sledding on a hill nearby church. I know I need to swing by the church on my way home, so I think it would be great to catch them in time to sled with them a bit.

But those darn glasses are nagging me. If I stop to exchange them, I may miss the opportunity to go sledding with my daughter who is always begging us to take her. I make the decision that these are only glasses and they can wait, knowing full well that I will likely never return them if I don't on that afternoon. I will have to just live with the scratch. I make the decision to forego the exchange and hit the sledding hill instead. I feel really good about this decision to spend time with my daughter instead of worrying about a scratch on a ten dollar pair of sunglasses.

By the time get to the church, however, I have find out that they have just finished sledding and gone home. I have missed them by only a few minutes.

Doesn't matter. It was still the right decision.


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