Sojourners continued... I never watch reality television. My motto is "Life's too short for reailty TV." But I found myself watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" the other night and I may be hooked. To my credit, I don't think this is really reality TV. It's feel good TV, I think. It's "Touched By an Angel on Steroids," maybe -- only much better, much truer.

On this particular episode the team went into the Watts neighborhood of LA to repair and remake a home that had been damaged by a flood. The African-American woman who ran the house -- and I do mean "ran" -- was named Sweet Alice. She was clearly a loving, God-fearing woman who used her home and her gifts of hospitality to reach out to her community. Homeless people slept there, kids hung out, the hungry were fed. This was Kingdom stuff.

It was emotional to watch the team transform the house from a wreck that wasn't up to code to a beautiful home that would continue to serve the ministry that Sweet Alice had. The team did not stop there, however. They could see that Sweet Alice had a vision for transforming her community, not just her own home and so they set out to help her. They made contributions to the neighborhood in addition to what they had done for her.

This was the part that grabbed me. This was a woman and her family who had a vision for their community -- a vision that once upon a time I would have had as well. I was overwhelmed. And I wonder if that part of me that seems too silent these days will every be revived. I wonder if my life will ever be used of God to make the kind of impact Sweet Alice was making in her community.

I wonder. I hope. And, yes, sometimes I am afraid. So much would have to change in my life to see something like that come to be. But the sojourn is not over.


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