All of my preaching during the season of Easter so far has been on the nature of the Kingdom of God. It has been a very difficult topic, to say the least. I think I understand why Jesus spent so much time teaching on it. I mean, if I find it difficult to grasp, how much more so for the original disciples? I’ve got 2,000 years of teaching, writing and thinking on the topic. They did not.

It occurs to me that we run the risk of dancing all around the edges of the Kingdom, learning about the Kingdom, but not exactly where to find it or how to live in it.

All I know is, at this point in my life, I don’t think I’ve really found it. I think I am one who has danced around the edges, caught glimpses of it now and then, perhaps even waded in its waters a couple of times. But I’ve not lived it like I truly believe it can be lived. Am I looking for something that simply doesn’t exist?

I know that to expect to find in the here and now the Kingdom in its fullness is wrong. I know that is something that will only be brought about at the Consummation of all things under the headship of Christ. I accept that. But I long for more of it here and now. I long to be better at living it out and at living it out in the company of others who are passionate about it as well.

Sorry for the corny closing, but it’s true: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…


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