Do we really need all the seminars and stuff? Do we need it? Is all this training and programs and forty days of purpose really what God had in mind when he poured out his Holy Spirit on Pentecost? I don't know.

I know I'm glad I have all of these things to draw on. I know that sometimes having such tools so readily available is a real blessing. But, still, something deep inside of me wants to shout out, "This should be EASIER than it is!" We shouldn't have to have all these books and tapes and seminars and surveys. We should be able to learn to follow Jesus, live the life, love one another, build authentic community and watch God work. Or, better yet, work WITH God.

The list of things I as a pastor should be thinking about and planning just seems endless. How much of this would cease if I let go of the idea that we needed to grow and add programs? How much of what we plan and do truly advances God's reign on earth?


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