I was too tired last night to write. Emergent has been great so far, but there is much to choose from. I was part of a discussion on the multicultural church yesterday. It was good and a reminder that there is ever more to learn about the challenges and presuppositions of wanting that kind of church.

For instance, I was remdinded that, not only do we have to ask what 400 years of slavery has done to the African-American population in the US; we have to ask what 400 years of slavery has done to us, the white oppressors who have learned (rather well) to be in control over others. I've never thought about that before.

Another angle: when we whites seek cultural diversity we know that it will enrich us. But the suggestion was made that it does not, necessarily, enrich the African-American Church, for instance. The church in the African-American community is where blacks experience community with one another; everywhere else in the world, quite often, they experince diversity. This holds true for Asians and Latino's as well. If this is the case, then, when we invite them to take part in our cultural and ethnic diversity, they are impoverished, while we are enriched. Humbling.


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