I'm discovering a new addiction. Continually redesigning my blog and wrestling with the settings is maddening for the novice (that's me). So far I've changed the name and the look, but the look is giving me fits. If you're reading this and aren't sure you're in the right place, you are (I think).

I met with someone today whose made some positive faith changes in the last few months, but is still struggling with the experience of faith. It's not yet what he had hoped, but, perhaps, it shouldn't be. I told him that his personal experiences can't always be measured by those of others. His experience of faith may not look anything like mine or someone else's. I was just impressed and thrilled that he was still on the road, given some of the personal setbacks he's recently experienced. Detours abound.

It is refreshing to see someone struggling to stay on the road and in motion as opposed to someone who thinks they have arrived. This is in no way a comment on the people I deal with on a daily basis in my congregation. As with any congregation, and all of us, sometimes we are on the road; sometimes we are beside the road, sipping lemonade as if we've come to the end. Sometimes we've just stayed too long at the rest stop. There's grace for that. But there's grace for the pressing on, too.

My prayer is to press on with what God shows me. His goodness to me over the last week has been tangible and strong. A week away in Nashville, with friends, conversation and fresh ideas was wonderful. It was, in some ways, a rest stop. In other ways it was a wormhole to a new place in the mission. It was not, God willing, the end of any road. God, give me grace for the pressing on. Amen.


At 1:13 PM, Blogger djchuang said...

beautifully done, like how you've blended the colors on you Blogger template so well..

the journey of faith is a funny thing, it looks different for so many people.. an incident that is mundane for one person can actually be very transformative for another.. then, there are those moments which are mundane for all :)


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