Jay blogging at Provence
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Jay did me the favor of showing me how to do this and then did me the "favor" of posting MY picture on his blog. I returned the favor. Needless to say, this is not the most attractive picture of Jay.

Shortly afterward we joined Kay and went out to eat before the evening workshop. We all attended a workshop on preaching by Doug Pagitt. We all were kept awake and came away thoroughly ready to toss in our styles of preaching. It was convicting, humiliating and inspiring all at once -- to realize that we are not doing all that we could to nourish the communities we pastor and that there is another way, an emerging way of doing so with a new preaching paradigm -- or not so new, really. I think Jesus sometimes did something similar. Imagine.

On another note, while we were blogging away at the cafe (almost rhymes), we met another blogger, completely unrelated to the many I've met this week. He identified himself as "the homeless guy" and his site is now on my sidebar. I found him interesting as a homeless man involved in the plight of the homeless in Nashville, a man who chooses to be homeless himself. Yet, he brings his laptop to the cafe and blogs away. I look forward to reading him from time to time.


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