Jim Wallis and Me
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So, it's late afternoon in Nashville and Jay and I are at a local cafe, where he's teaching me the finer arts of blogging. I'm trying. I really am. You see, the thing is, while I've enjoyed especially the workshops and seminars at emergent, what's been utterly fascinating is the people I've met. Jay's friends, "the bloggers" have been especially inspiring. So, you guessed it, I want to be one.

One of the things Jay has taught me to do is diplay a picture. Above is a picture of Jim Wallis and me on the first day of emergent.

The general sessions have, in some ways, been lacking. I think too much has been tried and too much attention to being edgy at the expense of worship. This isn't the case with every session, but, as I said, the workshops and the people have been worth it. Not to mention a week off from preparing a sermon. The irony is that since I don't have to prepare a sermon I'm getting lots of ideas for several sermons. Oh well.


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