It's great to have fans, you know. I know of at least three people, perhaps four, who actually check in to this site regularly to see if I've blogged recently. My wife is not one of these. She has to listen to me all the time as it is. The possibility of hearing (reading) me mouthing off one more time, I'm sure, doesn't appeal to her.

But, I've been swamped with out of town meetings and am now on vacation (hint, hint), so I've not much to say right now. Writing, unfortunately, often feels like work. Writing is something I enjoy and do every week, but not in the last couple of weeks. For now I prefer to read -- mostly fiction, but also some spiritual material that focusses on my inner self.

I will say this, however, (for all my adoring fans out there), I am recognizing a need within my life and self and family for rest, solitude and silence to become a greater part of our lives. Chaos reigns, most of the time (slight overstatement, I realize). There is much to do and get done and think about. Too much. What will it take to find that rest and solitude? I plan to do some vacation meditation on this over the next week. One of the questions that would be interesting to answer is, "How much of this chaos actually contributed to be writing a blog?" In effect, I'm sure, bloggin, on some level, probably helps as much as anything. But it's a question I'd like to answer.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger djchuang said...

if you can make blogging a part of that enhances your rhythm of life, then it's a good thing.. if it's a detractor and adds to your chaos, maybe you need to figure out something else you need to drop :) :)

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Kenny said...


i've found blogging to be a part of both ... at times i've found it to help center, focus, and direct my thoughts ... at others, not so much. more like something to fill a couple of minutes of the day ... when i should really probably be visiting someone or writing tomorrow's sermon,like right now.

hope you ALL have a great vacation.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Luke said...

'Scuse me. Aren't you the parent of teenagers? What is all this about rest, solitude, and silence?

"Serenety's a long time coming to me,
Sometimes I still believe, I don't know what it means..."


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