On the one hand, I can apologize for how long it's been since I last wrote. On the other, honestly, I've come close to closing this thing down altogether. There was too much going on to keep it up.

This morning, however, I feel a compulsion to process the violence.

The latest toll says as many as 300 people (many of them children) are dead after the school hostage tragedy in Russia. As I watch television this morning I am confronted by shaky images of screaming naked children running from a school building, bereaved parents and remnants of a violence the likes of which I can barely conceive.

Yesterday I watched a video one of my son's friends produced. He overlayed a spoof song by Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman (and someone else) entitled, "The World Is a Friendly Place" with images and clips from the news and violent scenes from computer games and war films. Soldiers blown in two. People shot at point blank range. Smart bombs in Bagdad, covered by CNN. It was disturbing.

I am sickened by all of this and yet I have occasionally played some of these games and watched some of these films. Not so much any more, but a couple of years back, when I'd had a "rough day at work" I sometimes came home and told Kim that I needed to shoot some people and blow some things up as I headed to the basement to play video games.

In an election year, I suppose it would be nice if I actually felt that the choice we make at the polls was going to make a difference in the violence quotient in the world. I am unconvinced that it will, personally. Both presidential candidates are, to one degree or another "for" the war in Iraq. And, to be truthful, I thank God that Hussein is no longer in power, though I am outraged at being lied to or misinformed over such an important and vital issue that has put so many lives at stake.

Last night I went with friends to see The Bourne Supremacy. It was good. It was entertaining. It was also violent. Violence is entertaining. So, if I am to ask, as so many do, "What is this world coming to?" I suppose I must also ask, "What am I coming to?"


At 11:04 PM, Blogger Kenny said...

stace - sorry i didn't catch this until now. been a full day.

i only heard about the events in russia. but i did follow them onthe radio as i was driving around. i can't believe the death toll has risen that high. it felt weird to hear of the two airliners that crashed last week being attributed to terrorists ... is it my imagination or did they hardly make a blip on the screen here?

I'd love to see the film the friend produced someday.

always comes down to the personal question, doesn't it? there's always an element in each of us that, someway or another, finds a way to be contributing to what's going on in the world.

grace & peace


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