This afternoon I went downstairs to the Fellowship Hall to join our senior citizens for their monthly luncheon together. Normally it is a salad luncheon to which we bring our own sandwhiches. Today it was a full on potluck, with sloppy joe's, hotdogs, deviled eggs and four kinds of potato salad, followed by coffee, apple pie a al mode, or cherry pie, or rich fudge brownies, cookies of several sorts, sugar galore. This is not good for someone who consumed too many carbs last night and will again tonight, no doubt. It's pizza night a the household.

But I digress. I found myself sitting at the table with five other senior citizens and somehow we ended up talking politics. Now, this is dangerous, sometimes. In Evangelical culture there is this assumption that we will all put George back in the White House for another 4 years. The thoughtline goes something like: he's a Republican, so he must be God's choice. Or, a variation: he's 'one of us' Christians, so we need to get him in office. Now I find this talk fascinating when the whole of the New Testament was written under the rulership of non-Christian leaders. But anyway, I digress. Again.

I came to find out over apple pie, vanilla ice cream and coffee that every single one of us at the table were registered democrats who are, to put it mildly, a bit fed up with war, the current administration, etc. To a person we all had to admit that sometimes it is difficult to talk about our political beliefs in the Evangelical Christian subculture. We feel too often in the minority. We feel like we should aplogize, sometimes. We feel like if we say anything or disagree it will be the inquistion all over again. So, more often than not, we say nothing. We chicken out. We keep the peace. We know, after all, that our words will not challenge or change a thing, sadly.

However, sitting there with five seniors who all live and breathe in the same Evangelical culture as I do, it was refreshing to hear dissenting voices. It was refreshing to hear people passionately against war. It makes me wonder if there are more voices yet to be heard.


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