An now for something totally different. We lost three saints this week within four days. All of them were up in years and had lived full lives. All of them knew God. All of them were ready to pass through the curtain of death. We have been praying for all of them and we feel that our prayers have been answered.

We have also been praying for another woman in our church. Her name is Connie. She is married and has two young children. She was diagnosed a few months ago with a rare form of cancer, from which a very small percentage survive. New forms and older forms of cancer treatment had not worked. The tumor had not shrunk. The surgery to remove the tumor was on Wednesday and we were all praying for success. There was the possibility that she might have lost a kidney, part of her pancreas and part of her bowel. There was also concern that the tumor might have attached to her aorta.

Many of us gathered around her after worship last Sunday. I anointed her with oil and we prayed for healing, strength and comfort for her and her family.

The surgeons went in Wednesday and discovered that they were able to take all of the tumor with "clear margins" between the tumor all her internal organs, except for the aorta. And they were able to "peel" the tumor away from the aorta, get it all and give her a radiation treatment. The whole thing went as well as it could have. The only thing that would have made it any better was if they had opened her up and discovered no tumor at all.

We have had four prayers answered this week. Praise be to God!


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Kenny said...

hey man -

good to see you wrote again ... i'd stopped checking. sorry. i'm dealing with a lot of the EXACT same issues re writing and expressing and being perceived and all ... i've even considered starting another totally ... or as totally as i am able to make it ... blog ... where it's just me and the keyboard, and the one or two other people in the world who might come across it ... who knows.

had a couple of passings of the same sort in march -- two in as many weeks ...

grace & peace ...

keep doing, praying, preaching, and writing!


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