People worry about you when you blog, sometimes, when you blog about what's happening in life; when you are honest. It's nice to have people worry about you. But it's also nice to let people know when God steps in and brings order and healing and peace. He has done that for me since my last blog. It was a good and powerful experience for me to be shown how someone else might see me. Painful, but good and productive. No worries.

My hope is that I would be more self-aware in my conversations and life with others, that I would be more ready than others to perceive who I am and/or how I might appear. May it not become an unhealthy, overly self-critical awareness, but honest, nonetheless. And may this experiment in blogging never become a form of spiritual exhibitionism. Readers, be honest with me in this, please. If I am sinking to that level, please tell me. I can think of few things more arrogant than thinking that everyone is that interested in my spiritual struggles. With every word I type I feel I am straying dangerously close to the precipice of pride.


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