I had an interesting conversation with someone from my congregation this morning. He was listening to classical music on his car radio and I remarked that I liked classical too. My station of choice was NPR, I told him. He remarked that he liked it as well, but that it could be a bit liberal, at times (with a smile on his face). I said, yes, but I was a bit liberal in some ways, too. He said that he could tell. When I asked how he could tell, he specifically mentioned my sermons.

I found this comforting. It meant that, in spite of how cautious I can sometimes be on touchy issues, someone was picking up on whatever hints I have been able to drop. Okay, it wasn't just comforting; it was thrilling. Not just that someone noticed, but the likelihood that others noticed too, but that they were, apparently (so far, anyway) okay with that.

When I have shared with some other pastor friends of mine, they have said (more than once) that perhaps I am not giving "my people" enough credit. This is probably so. They have also advised that if I want my congregation to go with me (wherever that is) that I shouldn't make a big deal of it in "all or nothing" sermons, but rather learn to drop these concerns in fitting places from time to time, in the middle of other, larger messages. Good advice, I think.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Kenny said...

it is!
(good advice, that is)


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