Today there is a vote in my community. The school district is proposing a levy. This is the third time it has come up for a vote. This will either be third time charm or "three strikes, you're out!" If it fails, two schools will close. If it passes, they will stay open, at least for a while. Other cuts are proposed, too.

I am for the levy. I believe in the levy because I believe in public schools and our schools are good schools that ought to be maintained. If the levy fails, however, I already know of people who are considering moving out of the area -- not because they fear the school system won't be as good, but because they are afraid their property values will go down.

To my way of thinking, this is giving in to fear and sacrificing faith, not to mention vision and calling as followers of Jesus. Now, I know that we don't need to jetison such issues as property values whole hog. It's not like they don't matter at all. They do. But I also wonder if it is possible to see ourselves as called to be in an area regardless of falling property values. Is there a sense that to move out of an area is similar in attitude to voting against the levy? Will those who leave be just as guilty of abandoning the future of the community as those who oppose the levy?

Anybody want to weigh in?