I'm in one of those, "Who needs the church?" kinds of moods today. I wonder if this is really what Jesus had in mind. Actually, in my more cynical moments, I'm sure it wasn't, not by a longshot.

Debating policies for half an hour at Council meetings, even when the debate is somewhat civil (as it usually is in my church), seems to me a complete waste of time. How do we ever expect to build a vital community of followers of Jesus with this kind of stuff taking up so much of our time. Surely this is not what Jesus had in mind. Surely it should be simpler (not necessarily easier, mind you) than it is. And this frustration is happening with me among people I know have a desire to follow Jesus (imagine my frustration if they didn't give a rip...on second thought, don't).

I don't know, if I had a choice between a larger church with lots of great need-meeting programs and a smaller one with 150-200 people who were passionate about their faith and their relationships with one another and in their worlds, I'd choose the smaller one. I don't know, maybe my son is right. Maybe house churches really are the way to go. Maybe you avoid some of these pitfalls in that context. I know, I know, there would undoubtedly be other pitfalls, but I'd be willing to swap them for a season. I can dream, can't I?


At 7:54 PM, Blogger djchuang said...

Jesus' question might be more along the lines of: I gotta go to the cross for this? :)

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

One of my professors in Bible College way back in '74 or '75 commented on the parable of the mustard seed that keeps coming back to mind when I get into that "Who needs the church?" mood. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed that is planted and grows into a huge OAK TREE!!! and all the birds of the air build nests in it's branches and the beasts of the field find shelter in it's shade. Mustard seeds don't normally produce oak trees! So, whatever Jesus' intention was for the church, he certainly isn't surprised with what we inherited and are ourselves shapping today. yes, he did go to the cross for "this" and "this" is ample proof of just why we needed Jesus to go to the cross.
grace and peace, Dan


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