Okay. It's been a while. A lot happening. Sorry.

Just a quick update, the vote on the levy I mentioned in my last post passed. I'm glad. It will cost me more, but I think it's better for the community and, in the long run, better for any outreach we want to do. If we want to reach out to young families, it would be nice to have some in the area. Know what I mean?

Another topic. Last week I watched the film Waking Life, by indie film maker Richard Linklater. If you've never seen it, I encourage you to take the time. I actually ended up buying a copy of it on DVD for ten bucks.

It's shot on DV and then animated on top of the imagery, using various animators. Part of the film is scripted, part is not. Some of the people in it are actors, some are scholars and thinkers who write their own lines. On the surface it's a film about lucid dreaming and the story takes place in the context of several false awakenings and layers of dreams as the main character, Wiley, walks through life, meeting people, observing scenes and talking about the meaning of life, why we are all here.

I liked the context and the juxtaposition of the animation with such serious stuff. But, as much as anything, I enjoyed the special features and the commentary track that reveal this artistic community in Austin, Texas, where the director lives and makes some of his films. It's a great metaphor for the church community, I think, when it works best.

Another thing I am grateful for is that the film has introduced me to the science fiction author and thinker Philip K. Dick. But that's another post.

I know almost no one reads this blog, but I would be interested in anyone who does and has seen the film posting some comments.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Kenny said...


haven't seen it ... heard of it somehow ... i think maybe a reviewer on NPR made reference to it.

will look for it and check it out.

your loyal reader. ;-)

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Heidi Griepp said...

haven't seen it but just thought I would say your blog is going to be in the Covenant companion. I'm writing a webwatch article on Covenant blogs. :) Also for more action reading your site you could join www.covenantblogs.net


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