I was notified a few weeks ago that my blog site would be listed in our denominational magazine, The Covenant Companion. I did not realize at the time that there would be a little write up/description of my blog accomanying the address. I had assumed that mine would merely be one in a very long list of Covenant blog sites. If you're here because of that listing, welcome. I hope you find it meaningful and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Knowing others might be reading this will help hold me accountable to write more consistently, but I make no promises. I like to write in order to reflect (which means I may not always make a lot of sense). I don't like to write just to have some place to write, even if I really have nothing to say or discuss. I like the idea of a conversation and a community, to whatever extent that can happen on line. Any who add comments help me to better understand my own reflections and questions. Thanks for the help!


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