Jesus as Missional

Since adding Scot McKnight's blog The Jesus Creed to my sidebar, I've been spending a fair amount of time there, lately. I find his posts and the discussions that follow them to be very enlightening. He's been talking about what it means, from Jesus' example in Matthew, to be missional. There are three posts as of today, and he promises a lengthy discussion on Matthew 9.35-11.1. So far I have been challenged by both the simplicity and power of his thoughts.

I am moved by the fact that what seems to motivate Jesus in his mission is compassion and that what gives force to his mission is prayer. All of this seems so basic, I suppose, but it's easy to forget. Compassion is rather difficult to muster sometimes. And I've never met anyone who would say to me, "Yeah, I pray enough."

In his latest post he encouraged us to pray for God's enabling (authority for mission) and wait to be filled with the Spirit. I asked him what it meant to be filled with the Spirit. How will we know we are full of the Spirit and ready for the mission? His answer was that he wished he knew. So do I. But, he says, that is what the life of faith is all about, trusting the Holy Spirit to be at work when we seek to be faithful in following through on "the creed" to love God with all that we are and love others as ourselves.

There is nothing I long for more in my life than to be in step with the Holy Spirit and to have Jesus irrevocably formed in my life and heart. There is nothing I long for more than for the same to be true of my wife and children, the leaders in my church and the congregation as a whole. But how do we get from here to there? Scot says pray for it. Can it really be that simple?


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