on not making it to the world series

October has been a good month for me, spiritually speaking. I have been praying more and giving attention to the needs of my soul and the future of my church more than I might have been had the Cleveland Indians made it into the post-season. So, I am thankful that they did not make it. My life with God is richer because of it.

Last week I finally broke down and bought Phyllis Tickle's Praying the Divine Hours. I began using the book a week ago today and have not missed a time of prayer yet. I have been surprised at the difference it has made in my spiritual life. The book is not the key, the discipline is. Coming to God intentionally four times a day to pray specific prayers and reflect on Scripture has punctuated my day with a greater awareness of God's presence in my life, a heightened sensitivity to God's Spirit. I look forward to the few minutes I spend in the prayers for mornings, middays, vespers and compline.

And, oh yeah, I'm thrilled for Steven. He's been waiting quite a while to see the Astro's in the World Series. Enjoy it, Stevie (but I'm bettin' on the Sox).


At 5:32 PM, Blogger theultrarev said...

I'm thinking of my wife. Can one who homeschools 3 children and cares for a toddler use Tickle's book or is that just wishful thinking? Probably in reality she needs it the most but it would seem such a stretch to use it. I have a similar book by Webber and wish I used it more. Even with time on my hands at the moment I'm overwhelmed by the stuff, the kids, the house projects, etc.

The Chisox stink. Go Astros!

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Hmmmm... I hadn't noticed the odor...


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