I've been reading a book that was given to me several years ago. It's called The Celtic Way of Prayer by Ester de Waal. I was given it by some members of my church and I made a couple of early attempts to read it, but got almost nowhere.

Something called it to mind the other day and I plucked it from my shelf and began reading it again. I am finding it a very refreshing look at prayer and the presence of God in life. The prayers and blessings recorded and reflected on are powerful when I fully open my heart and mind up to them.

Early on in the book de Waal talks about the Celtic understanding of peregrinatio, a word that has come to mean "pilgirmmage" to our ears, but in fact, means something more. To be one of the peregrini is not merely to be on a journey, as if on the way to a destination. Rather, the journey is inward . Put another way, the destination is the journey. De waal writes,
Ready to go wherever the Spirit might take them, seeing themselves as hospites mundi, "guests of the world," what they are seeking is the place of their resurrection, the resurrected self, the true self in Christ, which is for all of us our true home.

Wow. It always amazes me to see the themes with which I am wrestling in my life come at me from different sides and weave themselves into a tapestry of the Presence of God. In this book God knocks at the door of my soul and whispers grace to my heart. I can think of no greater journey to set out on than one in which I seek my true, resurrected self, my true home.

Here is perhaps my favorite prayer/blessings so far, though it is only a portion:
The love Christ Jesus gave
Be filling every heart for me,
The love Christ Jesus gave
Filling me for every one.



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