why i am not emergent... setting it straight

There are so many good blogs out there. So much wit and insight. Luke put me on to this one by Michael Lee that you just have to read. It's called Why I Am Not Emergent. This article cleared up so much for me. I have seen the light. Enjoy.


all saints day :: more celtic prayer and brother thomas

My friend Sue sent the following Celtic prayer to me. I love the simplicity and the depth of these prayers. They are full of "Immanuel" moments, where God is closer than skin:

My Christ, my love,
my encircler;
Each day, each night,
Each light, each dark,
Be near me, uphold me,
My treasure, my truth.

I am only 1/8 Irish, but all Celt, I think.

* * *

I've been reading The Intimate Merton and find I am falling in love with the man all over again. The book is a compilation of journal entries from throughout his life and is beautifully edited.

What a delight to read of his struggles, his humor and his love for God -- not to mention his awareness of God's great love for him. I have several favorite quotes, but here is one that I read today. It captures both the devotion and the humor in two brief sentences:
Today, in a moment of trial, I rediscovered Jesus, or perhaps discovered Him for the first time. But then, in a monastery you are always discovering Jesus for the first time. -- January 27, 1950, p.77
That rediscovery of Jesus has been my prayer (for me, my family and my church) for the better part of a year, now.