I would be utterly remiss if I didn't write something about the U2 concert on Saturday night. First of all, WOW! I had no idea that concert would be that fun, that meaningful and yes, in places, that worshipful.

The place was electric. There was joy on every face. I looked around at one point at the faces of the people behind me as they were singing. They were in love. They were in the midst of a religious experience, at times. At several points during the evening the band could have stopped playing and singing and the audience would havce carried the rest of any number of songs. We knew them all and loved singing with the boys.

On Sunday morning, as we were about to sing our closing hymn ("O Come All Ye Faithful") I told the congregation that it would be neat to see the look of joy on the faces of those singing the hymn that I saw on the faces of those singing with U2. Many of them did a pretty good job. It was a closing hymn full of joy. I looked back at my oldest son, Asher, and he had it down. He looked so joyful that I started laughing.

One of the coolest things was when it came time to punch in my daughter's name for the ONE campaign (the rest of us had already signed it) I punched in her name. At the end of the first encore, her name appeared on the screen (with a bunch of others) just as the names were fading. Way cool!

I went to this concert thinking I probably wouldn't ever do this again. I left thinking I will definitely do this again.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Are these your pictures? If so, you had much better seats then we did. (Or maybe a much better camera?)

Either way, I agree it was a tremendous experience. So many great moments to choose from, but everyone singing 40 was pretty awesome.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger stacey said...

Jim, no, sorry to say, our seats were not that good. I found these on the internet somewhere, taken by fans that night. It's cool to relive it a bit.

I also discovered a dvd at amazon of the concert in Chicago, for like, $13. It's going to be a Christmas present under my tree for all of us.

And I too found the singing of 40 very worshipful and powerful; a great way to end the evening.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger theultrarev said...

Was it Covenant pastor night at the U2 concert? BJB was there too. Must be Covenant pastors are getting paid like Episcopalians these days.


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