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(Sorry. I meant to post this two days ago, but accidentally saved it as a draft!)

Since the ultrarev asks (and because I can't resist sharing my opinion anyway), I thought I'd write a brief thought or two on last week's double-episode pilot of NBC's The Book of Daniel. Dinger wrote her thoughts on her blog, and they are worth the read. I don't see things exactly as she does (she and I have discussed this outside of the blogworld) but I can see what she's saying. I'd just rather give the show a few weeks to see if the issues she has resolve themselves. If they do not, she's dead on. If Jesus doesn't "make a difference" in the lives of the characters, it ain't Jesus we're dealing with here.

Right off the bat, I loved the show. I see tremendous potential. I think Daniel as a character is lovable and understandable and sincere. I think his family and church problems, while way more than any one person should have to deal with, do set the stage for some meaningful and humorous drama in the weeks to come. I think the character of Jesus is warm, funny and I'm glad he's there, rather than not. I got the impression from many of the protestors that they didn't want Jesus anywhere near the sin and degradation going on in Daniel's world. I couldn't disagree more. That's exactly were I want Jesus. Furthermore, I think that is exactly where Jesus would be.

There were some deep and tender moments, fused with the ambiguity of life's crises, like when Daniel's father (the Bishop) longs to relate lovingly to his wife who has Alzheimers. When we see the pain caused by her disease and the agony the Bishop must feel, we feel for him later when we discover he is having an adulterous affair.

I love the fact that Jesus says he tries to talk to all of us, but some of us stopped listening, or never did. I love that Jesus is present and silently standing by Daniel when he has just been with a dying person. I love that Jesus doesn't answer all of Daniel's questions with easy answers (sometimes there is no answer at all, only the promise that he will be with him, whatever comes). I love the humor of the show, even when it occasionally offends.

Did I love it all 100%? No. Call me old-fashioned, but when Daniel accidentally ends up convincing a couple living together that they do not need to get married (and brushes off any thought that they are living in sin) and Jesus only gives him the thumbs up, well, I would like to have heard and seen more comment by Jesus. Was his thumbs up sincere or was he being a bit sarcastic? It was hard to tell. But that may be expecting too much from a television show.

I will continue to give the show a chance until they give me no reason to continue. I suggest others do as well.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger theultrarev said...

Revinator, You are one of my favorite things in this world. I love you more than baseball, Macintosh computers, Guinness and coffee, but some place less than sex and eating, which means you rank pretty high in my world. But I am aghast how you could be so positive about that show.

I mean, holy s***, I can cuss, drink and be dysfunctional with the best of the clergy out there. I'm not exactly a flaming Don Wildmon conservative but I was honestly appalled.

I'm sure in part it was because I know that reality in the Episcopal Church is not far from that show. But the theology was awful, the agenda pushing was blatant, the acting and character development was really poor, and the stereotyping was inappopriate and just plain wrong.

I wish you were even more old-fashioned.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger stacey said...

The thing is, my friend, I truly love seeing shows with Jesus in them. I am excited to see what might happen next. Everything you said may well be true, but I want to give the show a chance and see if things improve, grow etc.

Yes, the show definitely pushes an agenda. I won't deny. My liking of the show is in hopes of what MIGHT happen. If everything stays the same, it's a waste of time.

Thanks. You love me more than baseball? Sounds like being an Episcopalian got to you more than I realized.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger theultrarev said...

So the book of Daniel crashed and burned. Are you disappointed?


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